Providing a holistic service unlike any other. 

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Clearing out

We can clear out homes and garages and get them ready for demolishing or for renovations. We remove everything so that you can either start from scratch or demolish without hassle.

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Lifting Service

We provide you with lifting services up to 14 storeys high. We are experts and have the perfect equipment to make sure to get your furniture in place without damaging anything. 

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Assembling & Dismantling

We can come to you and provide you with assembling and dismantling of furniture so that you no longer have to worry about damaging your furniture while moving. 

Furniture Removal

Our company has the right equipment to provide you with lifting and removal of furniture across Malta and Gozo and also Sicily. We use high quality vans that can be ideal for narrow spaces, whether your premises are high up or on the first floor, we provide you with assembling and dismantling of furniture and we have the expertise one needs in order for your furniture not to suffer any kind of damage. If you would like to do the packing yourself we will also provide you with free packing boxes. We can clean the rest of your home and make sure that it is totally empty by the time you leave. 

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