We provide a variety of services designed with the client in mind

ANT Removals can pack, lift and transport your furniture, materials or equipment across Malta and Gozo as well as overseas from Malta to Sicily and vice versa. We will also provide you with free boxes if you prefer to pack yourself, we will also offer to pack stuff for you if you do not have the time. Without damaging anything we can also come to you and disassemble and assemble your furniture so that we can make it easier for you. We are prepared to handle any kind of disposal from homes, garages or any other premises, offering also to clean out the place in case of demolishing or other. We will clean up all kinds of clutter and disposal you are finding hard to do yourself. You can rest assured that no job is too small or too big for us, you can contact us for any kind of moving and removals, we will be there with all the equipment needed. 

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Van & Driver for hire per hour

You can decide to hire a van and driver that is paid per hour. Our vans can fit even in the most narrow of streets and therefore, can be used in any occasion.


Storage Available

We can provide you with storage facilities that can be used for a limited amount of time. You can rest assured that all your items will be secure and well taken care of.


Internal Moving

We can come to you and provide you with internal moving in factories and offices. We will make sure that nothing is damaged and that everything is in place.


Lifting Services

We provide lifting services for up to 14 storeys with 400 KG maximum weight. No electricity is needed for our lifting to work, we lift furniture, sofas, solar panels and more.


All types of Transport

We have invested in the best equipment and machinery to be able to provide you with a vast variety of transport types that can be used in many occasions. 


Overseas Transport

For all those that are moving to or from Sicily we can provide you with high quality moving services, boxes and any other service that you might need to move safely.

Whatever your requirements, at ANT Removals we have the right resources for you

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We can come to you wherever and whenever you need us

If you are panicking because you are not prepared for your move you do not have to worry, we will still come to you even with quick or short notice calls. We will come to you wherever you are whether you’re based in a high-rise penthouse, a narrow country lane, on a beach front or in a valley, whether it’s an office or a factory, a large home or a small apartment, we are trained and have all the equipment needed to take care of your possessions, deliver in good time and charge fairly every time.